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 On Hold Generic CD
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On Hold CD Front
Front Cover

Evolved Sound's Generic On Hold Messages CD - featuring a blend of contemporary on hold music.

For a less expensive alternative to having your on hold messages and music custom produced, our Generic On Hold Messages CD is suitable for all types of businesses.

This CD contains generic messages and on hold music to keep your callers informed and entertained while they wait.

Much better than silence or those less appealing electronic chimes!

Back Cover

If you already have a CD player connected to your phone system for telephone on hold, then this this CD is for you!

With a running time of 73 minutes spread over 3 tracks, this CD can easily be set to repeat mode for endless on hold messages and music for your callers.

Alternatively for a very reliable solution this CD can also be loaded into one of Evolved Sound's on hold players.

With various On Hold Messages such as...

"Thank you for holding. Your call will be attended to shortly"

"Your call is important to us. We will get to you as soon as possible"

"Thank you for your patience. We will attend to your call as soon as possible"

These messages are all recorded by professional Australian Voice Over artists, male and female.

Music gaps between each message average 10 to 15 seconds.

Click on each link to listen to various demos from the CD:

Demo of Music with Messages

Track 1 Music only

Track 2 Music only

Track 3 Music only

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