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 On Hold Module
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Single Line On Hold Module

On Hold Module

Now Messages and Music On Hold can be fitted to all single telephone line businesses. No longer is this important facility restricted to Commander or expensive PBX type phone systems.

Simply connect this adapter between your single telephone socket and up to 4 telephones on that same line. You can then put a caller on hold simply by pressing the '2' key on your telephone before hanging up. To take the call again, pick up any telephone on the same line. The On Hold Module connects to any on-hold audio source including our CF Digital Player or the Automated Messaging Software (see our software section).

Line Isolation Unit (LIU)


Often a LIU is required to connect between your on-hold source and your PBX or On Hold Module. Our LIUs are also certified to provide additional protection against telephone line surges.

The On Hold Module is Austel approved and it comes with a standard power pack unit and your own Line Isolation Unit (LIU). This system has never been so affordable. 

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