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 Compact Flash On Hold System
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Compact Flash On Hold System

'This specialist On Hold Message Player is the first such system in the world to use Compact Flash technology for audio storage'

The Compact Flash On Hold System professionally relays your recorded messages and music to your callers. Designed as a dedicated machine for playing telephone on hold content, it continues to be used by many organisations of all sizes throughout the world.


  • Very reliable and exceptional sound quality.
  • Restarts automatically after power surge and / or loss of power.
  • Equipped with a removable compact flash cartridge for easy updating by either swapping to a new cartridge or updating the existing one via a USB card reader.

Suitable for businesses that...

Require a solid and reliable on hold system, however don’t feel the need to update their content too frequently.


  • Full digital system with no moving parts for maximum reliability.
  • Built in monitor speaker.
  • Compact Flash card included.
  • Plays a continuous recording loop to callers on hold.
  • Works with all PABX / PBX phone systems with an on hold audio input.
  • Stores up to 99 tracks on a single flash card.
  • Tracks can be selected via a push button.
  • Recorded content is pre-programmed onto a Compact Flash card.


1. On / Off Volume - output volume.
2. Power On LED.
3. Content / Message track selector button (depends upon content).
4. Monitor Speaker ON/OFF.
5. 600 Ohm - 8 Ohm audio output selector.
6. Audio socket (connects to telephone on hold Line Isolation Unit).
7. Power 9V DC 500mA - socket connection for power.


L = 170mm x W = 115mm x H = 25mm.

Technical Requirements

Providing your business phone system has the ability to place callers on hold and / or currently has an audio device (such as a CD player or radio) running for on hold – then you’re ready to go. Our Compact Flash On Hold System simply needs to be connected, switched on and it will run continuously without fail.

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