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 Drum Spirit Tribal Loops
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Drum Spirit - Mabi Thobejane

Mabi Gabriel Thobejane has travelled the world in search of musical and spiritual freedom.Having toured with Malombo, Sakhile, Amampondo and Juno Reactor as far ashore as the Europe, the USA, Mexico, Japan and Australia. He collaborated on projects like the soundtracks to the Matrix Revolutions and Mortal Combat Films, today Mabi’s drumming mastery is in high demand.

Now, Drum Spirit unleashes his percussive genius skills, from slight rythmic variations to complex breaks and shuffles. Through drum Samples and loops, on a wide range of instruments, Including
Tribal African Bass drums, Congas, Bongos, Timbali’s & Shakers, you can literally bring Mabi into your studio. You now have access to the most renowned African percussionist in a wide range of formats, including Battery, Kontakt, Exs24 & Reason Kits,as well as Wav and Midi files.
Non processed, unfiltered, raw and ready to use drum loops and vocal samples from the Conga king.

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