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 Build Your Own CD - 4 Track
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Build Your Own On Hold Music CD - 4 Track Package

(8 track package also available)

Are you finding that the music from our pre-produced titles simply doesn't fit your music on hold CD requirements?

Do you want to exercise full creative control over the music your business plays to your callers?

If you answered "YES", then Evolved Sound's 'Build Your Own On Hold Music CD' is your answer.

Heres how it works:

1: Review and select 4 music tracks from Evolved Sound's Online Music Library.

[Click Here] to review our available music.

2: Order your CD from Evolved Sound and also please email us with the music titles you have chosen.

3. Evolved Sound will prepare the CD and process your order for delivery.

Its that simple!

You can order online or by phone / fax.

Please note:  Evolved Sound's 'Build Your Own On Hold Music CD' is also available in an 8 track CD package..

CDs are only permitted for usage in telephone on hold / music on hold applications and only one CD can be used per phone system per site.

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