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ABOUT US started as an online shop in 2000. Our first and prime product was our music loop / sample CDís "Dr Loops Presents Essential Beats", "Vocal Samples" & "Sound Effects" which can still be purchased today. The site was highly successfully both through sales, free downloads and via our overall contribution to digital sound productions globally. Do a search for Dr Loops and see for yourself! Through this evolution we were fortunate to build many fundamental partnerships, which have helped to shape our business development.

In early 2003, it was time to move with the times and expand products and re-launch as a full e-commerce site for those involved in Desk Top Media Production. Once again, through the assistance of our parent company Multimedia Entertainment, we have partnered with an industry leader of high quality professional audio products.

We are now pleased to sell products from the finest manufacturers from around the world direct to you.  Key focus areas are of leading audio recording, DTMP, and Computer Music products.

We aim to sell the highest quality and most technologically advanced products to ensure you always excel in your creative sound production endeavours.

Enjoy our site and happy shopping.

Thank you. Team
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